Healthyself foods are created for your body, honestly and without compromise, from the finest sourced ingredients, utilizing minimum processing with zero chemical additives and I am proud to be able to pass on the goodness to you without destroying the nutrients that nature created.

I spent a lot of time working closely alongside Nutritional Therapists and prominent experts in the field of Health and Fitness initially for myself to help support my healthy eating plan and active lifestyle and I am now delighted to offer it to you to help support yours.

2 boxes of HiTS (20pcs)


Premium Wholefood Blend


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Need some extra energy to get through the day?

Try my organic, energy snack, HiTS

Why I created HealThySelf HiTS

- Organic and healthy energy products -

I originally set out to formulate HealThyself energy HiTS for a friend who completes in Ironman events, and wanted a healthier alternative to caffeine based processed energy drinks and gels, which tend to be made from poor quality over-processed ingredients and harmful additives, which extend shelf life but do our bodies no good.

I thought I could do better utilising the power of plant whole-foods to create a fast acting and delicious energy snack, that is easy digest and won’t cause gastric discomfort during exercise.

HiTs are made from just 2 powerful berries and raw cacao, which are sources of naturally occurring micronutrients.

HiTS are especially useful prior to exercising, during activities or as a healthy snack to give you a boost at those times whenever you HiT an energy slump

None of the bad

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No caffeine added
  • No preservatives
  • No residual pesticides and chemicals

All of the good

  • 100% Natural sweetness
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Certified organic plant goodness
  • A source of naturally occurring micronutrients

Key benefits

  • A healthier alternative to energy drinks and gels
  • Fast acting energy release
  • No gastric discomfort
  • Easy to digest, great for Kids

Made from super foods

It's the very best of nature, to keep you in tip top shape

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They're simply amazing

2 boxes of HiTS (20pcs)





Fomulated to help support a healthy body and active lifestyle

Premium Wholefood Blend


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For many years, as a practicing Holistic Health Coach, I have been able to discover, study and teach a variety of exercise methods, together with nutritional coaching and well-being techniques in order to help people move, eat and feel at their best.