Tony Stapleton, HealThySelf

About HealThySelf

- by Tony Stapleton

For many years, as a practicing Holistic Health Coach, I have been able to discover, study and teach a variety of exercise methods, together with nutritional coaching and well-being techniques in order to help people move, eat and feel at their best.

It sounds obvious, but by taking care of ourselves now, we really can help to avoid problems in later life.

I've discovered that our bodies, if given good nutrition and tailor-made regular exercises, tend to find balance and naturally take care of themselves.  It really is that simple!

Throughout my studies and all the health fads and diets which have come and gone, the one thing that still holds true is the health benefits gained from eating plant based whole-foods containing essential nutrients which are paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

HealThySelf products are made from powerful plant based organic whole foods and NOTHING ELSE!