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''I know I’m making the right choice with HealThyself. It has my approval from a scientific perspective and the fact that it’s delicious.''
Rachel Bowden
Epigenetic's scientist - MSc, Hons, Bsc
"Tony you're the man! I couldn't have achieved my best marathon time ever in my life without your training sessions and nutritional input."
James Cracknell
OBE, Double Olympic Gold Medallist and broadcaster
"Super high quality, delicious and full of life. This for someone who has the highest standards and expectations for their own nutrition."
Steve Cotter
World renowned Kettlebell teacher and fitness, movement and health educator
"We are happy to stock the delicious and super healthy HealThyself Blend."
Danielle Kleber
Co-founder of The Field Training Lifestyle Centre W1
''A genuinely great product, Lovingly researched and developed.''
Oliver Peyton
Restauranteur and Judge on BBC’s Great British Menu
" I love your Blend. I have it every day for breakfast and I'm good till 2 pm."
Liv Savage
"The breakfast of champions! I feel ready for anything. You cant beat this plant based beauty."
Lee Denton
Co-founder elev8 fitness
"It's 100% natural amazing whole-food ingredients, which I absolutely love."
Dr Michelle Braude
"Easy to make and full of natural goodness. You really can't go wrong with the Heal-ThySelf blend!"
Nicola Kelleher
Registered nutritional therapist
"This stuff is amazing. A delicious healthy breakfast that nourishes your body and your skin."
Danielle Berends
Naturopath/ @iloveskin
"It’s amazing. It’s stops me reaching for junk when I’m peckish and flagging."
Sherron Holder-Culver
British skin specialist
"Had a shake this morning and it sorted me out all day. They really do work."
Mexico Lee
"Loving the Whole-food Blend."
Lily Thompson
Registered nutritionist
"HealThyself is healthy eating."
Dr Richard Gibbs
vascular surgeon FRCS
This whole-food plant blend is delicious and pure- a rare find when so many "natural" products are actually full of synthetics!. It's a beautiful flavour and a great addition to boost health and the diversity of healthy ingredients in my diet.
Rebecca Lazarou | Medicinal plant scientist
Research assistant Kew gardens
Co editor - herbal reality
Rebecca |
"Hands down HealThyself is the best mix I’ve tried. It has a natural flavor and you can taste the cinnamon."
"This stuff is powerful. I can seriously feel the difference in my health. I feel so much happier when I take it."
Elaine Murphy
"I drink it most mornings and it’s such a treat. It keeps me full until lunchtime with zero bloating or lethargy."
Lauren Gibbs - London
"Love this product! Great and taste and high-quality natural ingredients. You can tell it’s been formulated with health and healing in mind."
Anthony Knight-Peters
Cotswold Mushrooms
"It's a great product. I really noticed a positive change after using it. I just felt like I had more energy. It’s an easy way to get in tons of beneficial nutrients."
"When it comes to supplements, I believe you should be guided by promoting HEALTH FIRST. and if that's true, only one supplement on the market fits the bill for me. HealThyself."
Alex Kay
"Life is challenging as a working mum of three and leaves little me time. So, HealThyself fits in entirely with me. It’s easy & quick to prepare, tasty and keeps me in good health. Perfect for breakfast on the run, with no desire to snack before lunch."
Natalie Chandiram - London
"The HealThyself Blend is absolutely fantastic. I can have it before training and it keeps me going and energized for longer. It’s great anytime of the day as an energy booster. It tastes better than most blends. Unlike a lot of protein products It does not feel heavy on the stomach. Very happy with this product."
Deirdre Cidona - London

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