Healthyself was created in 2014 by health and fitness coach Tony Stapleton whose holistic approach helps people to take control of their health and well-being by maintaining good movement, regular exercise, healthy eating, and being conscious of how they think and feel. After analyzing hundreds of clients’ diets and seeing that majority of them were lacking in essential fats, micronutrients, fibre and disillusioned with the poor quality and over-marketed claims of so-called “Health and Sports” supplements, he set out to create something better, to support his own health (and now for everyone) using only nutritious, organically grown plant whole-food ingredients each chosen with health 1st in mind, and with zero additives or harmful processing. 

Our bodies are amazing and our one vehicle for this lifetime, that’s why it makes sense to take care of them.

total body fitness - Comprehensive health plans

mind body and soul

personal training

You may wish to improve how your body moves, increase your strength and cardio conditioning, become your ideal weight

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Healthy doesn't have to taste nasty. If you need to start eating better for health reasons.

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Online Training

It may not be logistically possible for us to work together in person, but when a focused one to one approach is still needed, online training is perfect.

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